Monday, June 8, 2009

Partying Like Its 1999

They say 30 is the new 20, but I put that saying to the test this weekend.

After accompanying my grandmother and sister to a Friday night cabaret dinner featuring show tunes and "bongo-bongos" (an eclair-like Italian dessert), I came home to greet my poor unattended guests Jamie and Aunt Wendy. I caught a few hours of shut-eye and arose at 6:30am to send the girls off to lacrosse and shopping, then prepped the house for the arrival of more guests - my mom, dad, and sister. They arrived mid afternoon bearing gifts and delicious chocolate peanut butter cake for my (soon to be) birthday.

They left at 9pm, and Adam and I headed out to catch the end of the Starscape Fesitval in Baltimore. The festival featured a cool lineup of bands including the Disco Biscuits and Lotus, and five stages. Even though we arrived at the venue at 10pm, we managed to take in about 6 hours of music. I know!! For those unfamiliar with my quirks, I should mention that staying up all night is not one of my fortes. As a kid, I was always the first to fall asleep at a sleepover, and I can only remember one successful "all nighter" studying in college. (It eneded at 5am when a group member accidentally stabbed herself with an exacto-knife while attemping to make a scale model of an energy efficient solar house.) I have had more success staying awake for parties...but I am more likely to be curled up on a sofa with drool running down my face than doing keg-stands. So, while I really really wanted to catch the 1am scheduled start time for the Biscuits, I was not able to offer any promises.

The Key Bridge at 2am.


Not only did I stay for (most of) the show, I was able to drive home in time to catch an hour of sleep before I had to drive my grandmother to her friend's house so she could return home. I got back two hours later and slept for a few more hours before meeting the real estate agent for another round of house hunting.

I learned 6 things on my adventures this weekend:
1. Set the GPS to avoid tolls for local traveling. It tried to take me on a route that cost $4 just to save 8 minutes of drive time.
2. Cabaret: a café that serves food and drink and offers entertainment often of an improvisatory, satirical, and topical nature. This could mean just about anything...
3. It is sometimes cool to get things you already had, only better. Come next blog, I'll have pictures taken with my new, slim, fancy camera! So long, klunky old dinosaur! (Though I am glad Jamie got it back from Pennsylvania. Finally.)
4. For all you men out there. Rule #3 does not apply to girlfriends and/or wives.
5. You are never too old to party. You just need to rest longer in between.

6. Travelling by golf cart through a crowd. Doesn't work. Apparently this guy needed a hands on lesson.

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