Friday, June 12, 2009

Mmm...Manure? Again?

When I started this blog, I never would've thunk I'd use this title twice. But it seems fitting for my topic of the day: City Mice vs Country Mice. I am a Country Mouse. I grew up in a rural area. Some experiences I never had: riding a public (non school) bus. Ordering a pizza for delivery to the house. Walking to a store. Walking to school. Riding my bike on a street with traffic. Parallel parking.

Now that I am a Country Mouse in the "big" city, I am quite comfortable walking to the store. In fact, I love walking to the store. I can also parallel park and ride my bike on a street with traffic about 90 percent of the time without fear of death. Well...maybe 85 percent of the time. I am still not all that comfortable ordering food to the apartment or riding on public transportation. Walking in the city, especially when there are many people about, is somewhat unnerving for me. I assumed this was the case with everyone.

I found out yesterday that this is not so. City Mice apparently fear large open spaces. A remark was made that "someone could die out there and there would be no one around to help." As a child, traipsing through the woods behind our house for hours on end, I never had such a thought.

People from New York City love their neighborhoods. They do not understand why anyone would want to live in New Jersey (or any other part of the country for that matter.) Many of these people have never left the metro area.

People from small rural towns love their land. They do not understand why anyone would venture to a noisy, smelly, crowded city (or any other part of the country for that matter.) Many of these people have never traveled more than 20 miles from home.

City Mouse or Country Mouse, we all fear the same thing: the unknown. Perhaps we are not so different after all.


CaraBee said...

Excellent point! But not ordering food to your house? That's just crazy talk.

NICKI said...

Its the whole tipping makes me uncomfortable.
I am happy to pay as long as someone else goes to the door..

Tiffany said...

Hmmm...I believe I was the inspiration for this blog....Country Mouse for sure....who still does not order to the house because I think most pizza places are afraid to come to my house, I can't parallel park and I have no intention of learning, I do enjoy walking to stores but would prefer to be in a woods instead and I have ridden the public transportation system here but that is only because I was dumb enough to think that I could walk the very long walk to the mall from my old house...and I had to get back some how. not fun...I miss the manure!