Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost Healthy

Bah! I went to the doctor again and had another weigh in last week. Given my track record over the past few weeks, I was not expecting anything too spectacular. But I actually did lose 6 pounds since my last weigh-in back in the beginning of May. Not too shabby.

BTW - I know this is what people on "The Biggest Loser" lose in a week. Shut up.

This doctor had a little dial where you could line up your weight and height, and a needle pointed to your predicament - obese, overweight, or healthy. (There may have been an underweight section too, but that was cut off from my viewing, and I didn't think to turn it any further.) So, if we were playing "The Game of Life", I would have to say that needle was very close to requiring a re-spin. Just one more pound, and I think it would be on the line. Two more pounds, and I would just make it into healthy territory!

This has been hugely motivating for me. My doctor had the numbers right there - I weighed 14 pounds more a year ago. (Yes, yes, I know I am not the biggest loser. Didn't I tell you to shut up?) Since I have been a firm believer in negative reinforcement during this little weight loss experiment, I am a bit surprised to be so psyched. But I have re-tackled my new spreadsheet with zeal, and managed to stay within calorie goals for the first time since the beginning of June. I can see the finish line at last! I am almost healthy!


Danielle Mari said...

Congratulations on your great accomplishment! Remember that losing more than a few pounds a week is actually NOT healthy. All the studies show that people who lose weight as you are, slowly and steadily, keep that weight off more successfully in the long term. Don't let the so-called "reality" tv stuff make you minimize (pun noted) your own achievement.
Most of all, remember that health isn't really a number anyway. From reading your blog, you show health in your passion, humor, and kindness-- it all shines right through cyberspace.
Keep up the great work!

NICKI said...

Geesh! You made me blush!