Friday, March 21, 2008

It Begins

Welcome to my latest attempt to participate in the latest technology, as usual, a bit late. I was inspired to begin a blog by an actual friend (my recent research into this realm suggests that one now has to distinguish between virtual friends and actual friends). My (actual) friend writes an amusing blog about her life, her baby, and her cats, and I have become addicted. Naturally, I thought I could also blog, if only I had a topic of interest.
So, in addition to mundane stories illustrating my hopeless illusions of grandeur, I plan to write many of my blogs about my recent attempt to lose weight. I am no expert in this category. I have never really tried to lose weight, but sometime last December between turkey binges and cookie feedings, I realized that my track pants no longer fit. (In all fairness, they never fit properly - I bought medium track pants, and I can only assume this was the result of some voodoo lighting scheme at Old Navy or a mega-sale in which size choices were limited.) Still, this was an upsetting trend which was becoming painfully apparent (literally) in several wardrobe items. Throughout the early fall months, I managed to successfully convince myself that the snugness was an illusion brought on by laundry related snafus. But then, those track pants forced me to face the mirror. And I did not like what I saw.
Since the first of the year, I have begun watching what I eat, and I have actually been successful - I wore those track pants yesterday, in public, and with a pair of shorts underneath(!) I want to share this joy with others in this blog. Because it doesn't happen overnight, and I have a long way to go. Hopefully, my trials and tribulations will inspire others (and myself) to continue living a more healthy, happy life!

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