Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Will Want to Facebook Me

I have never gone so long without a post.  Frankly, I am sort of stuck, or rather, struck - with a case of writer's block.  It all started back on February 20th (note - last post on February 19th!!).  I was ready to talk about weight loss.  Again.

My Constant Readers who joined me on Day One know that me wittle ole blog began as a Guide to Weight Loss.  There were a few problems with that.  First, I am a multi-dimensional, multi-talented, free-thinking Woman of the Tweens! (I guess that's the decade we're in, right?)  But every day, I would type up my blog about how I was constantly striving to change my bad self.  Someone who did not know me might infer from my blog (at that time) that I was unhappy with my body image, and by extension, with my life in general.  And it simply was not (and is not) the case.  I cannot honestly say that I wouldn't want to see myself in a mirror wearing a bikini and looking all sexy-hot, but I don't really obsess about this.  Most of the time, I do not actually find my body repulsive.  I just want to be healthy.  So, I didn't like the negative tone of my blog.

Second issue was that I ran out of new topics.  It was like, "Today, I'm going to write about eating less!" and the next day:  "Today's topic is exercise!"  Then: "Eat less!" and "Exercise more!" "Eat while exercising!" (not recommended by the way), and the cycle continued.  My blogs were preachy and boring.

Last, I would get some great ideas for a post, but not always about the Official Blog Topic.  And so my blog evolved into the mishmash of tangential musings you know and love today.

And while we are on that subject, I will just keep doing what I do, and launch into my unexpected inkling of an idea for a post:  billboards.

So I was driving home from the city tonight to see a billboard that read, "YOU WILL WANT TO FACEBOOK US."  Can I just say:


WTF does that mean?  Become a friend on Facebook?  Check out their Facebook page?  Like them on Facebook?  All of the above?  Come on, my Younger Members.  Help a gal out.


Oh, and by the way!  I lost 10.2 pounds in my 8-week program! (and gained 2.8 back in one week, in theory.  Personally, I am blaming this on a change in scale placement at the gym.  I believe gravitational forces are increased in the new location.  It is absolutely unrelated to the pecan tarts and chocolate chip cookies purchased in a moment of weakness last week.)


Out of My Mind said...


As for weight loss or gain.......
I have this theory.....
The world must remain in balance, therefore, if someone looses weight, someone else has to gain the same weight on the opposite side of the world.

So......some poor smuck gained 10.2 lbs., got busy and lost 2.8 lbs already.

Robert Miller said...

Maybe it means we will be so annoyed with the ambiguity of the sign that we will want to take a book to their face...

ape2016 said...

Visiting from kt at out of my mind. Don't feel bad about having writer's block or tangential musings. My entire blog is a rambling, stream of consciousness mess and that is the way I like it. I will fully support your different gravitational pull theory, also.

Jessica said...

Does the billboard have a green smiley face named Digi?! It says,"Find me on Facebook." I usually forget to do that once I make it to the office, but today I remembered and I can't find the stinking thing! What am I missing?

PS. Congrats on the weight loss!