Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Ten Signs You Might Be A Tad OVerstresSed

1.  You apologize to your phone when you pick up the handset and accidentally knock a piece of paper onto the display.

2.  You admit to the person on the other line that you have just apologized to your phone.

3.  You schedule your eye doctor appointment three months after you realize you are out of contacts, one week after you end up in tears at restaurant due to pain of dry and ripped contact and have to drive home one-eyed, and three days after glasses (from 2005) cause pinched nose and headaches...

4.  ....and you do not so much "schedule" said appointment as you show up on one of Wal-Mart Vision Center "Walk-In Days".

5.  You schedule stress-relieving "Lets Dish" session....and forget to go.

6.  You are involved in a consuming "Battle with the Ants" - and the ants are winning (possibly due to teacup with honey coated bottom which has been sitting unwashed in sink for five days).  Possibly.

7.  You finally get to post office to mail thank you gift that you forgot to bring to professional event after recipient of said gift reminds you - twice.  When at post office, you laugh uncontrollably at irony of post office's mail when helpful worker gives you junk flyers to pack around gift.

8.  You are afraid to get on Wii Fit for fear that current diet of vending machine corn chips has caused weight gain.  Is best to remain ignorant.

9.  You haven't bought mothers day gift yet...(this will most likely work out in mom's favor as guilt will cause inclination to spend more money.)  Ditto on graduation gift...

10.  You do not blog for nearly a month,  and when you do, it is lame-o list.

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