Friday, March 26, 2010

Mini MacGuyver

I recently posted about my secret desire to mimic MacGuyver.  One of my personal faves is my solution for a missing hairtie:  I pull my hair into a single braid and use my ring to circle around the end.  I slide the ring up as far as it will go, and wah-lah!  Instant hairtie.  I have very thin hair and small fingers, but I think even thick haired folks could at least pull back some hair using this method.  I most often use this at the gym - it survives the average step aerobics class without loss of ring.

Turns out, my geniousness (geniosity?) is inspirational.

When the furnace wasn't working, we turned it off.  Though not 30 degrees anymore, it can still get chilly at night, so we built a fire and closed all the doors so as to keep the heat in the living room.  We used a space heater at night in the bedroom, but kept the door open a crack since the cat likes to go in and out.  She has cat business to attend to at night - in addition to the occasional romp on my kidneys, she needs to eat and poop.

She cannot, however, open doors.  So her litter box might as well have been in China.

She tried to tell us.  She was especially annoying and more attentive to her kidney-stomping.  I have learned that, in general, loveyness does not translate from cat language into "I love you", "I like you" or even, "I tolerate your existence."  It generally means, "I am hungry", "I am hungry", or "Feed me now before I learn how to work a phone and call animal services for there is dish visible below my food."

Apparently, cat affection can also mean "I need to take a dump, like seriously, let me into the frickin bathroom."

But, my little mini MacGuyver was not phased by her dumb humans.

She found a plant, dug out the dirt, and pooped on the fireplace hearth.  She neatly covered her droppings with the dirt, and continued with her day.

I am so proud.  (And very glad that I was not home to observe it firsthand.)

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Babe in Babeland said...

Ohmygoodness! That is too funny. I'm impressed with mini MacGuyver. Though I can't imagine that was much fun for you in the clean-up department.