Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally, A Sport for the Ladies...

...Tennis! Just to be clear, I definitely do not mean playing tennis. This looks as though it requires effort. I am fairly certain that even if my first experience attempting this sport hadn't resulted in my best friend's bloody nose as I crushed a ball directly into her face, I would lose interest in chasing the little ball around and smacking at it in approximately 10.5 seconds. No, no, I mean watching tennis - specifically the Men's U.S. Open. After 5 seconds of watching, it becomes quite apparent that those with the attention span and stamina to chase the ball for a full game tend to have rather impressive physiques:

I rest my case.

I missed my class at the gym today, and opted to use the dreaded machines. I hate the treadmill, and the elliptical, and the stationary bike. They are so booooring. But today, this guy (his name is Roger, but do we really care?) and his opponent (also impressive looking, but unfortunatey chose the "sun visor" as head gear and lost my loyalties) kept me from looking at my treadmill timer for 7 minutes and 13 seconds. Up to this point, I had never passed more than 45 seconds without sneaking a peek.
While other sports invlove well-built men, I find them inferior because the men are often obscured from view by lots of equipment, or the camera angle is, like, way above them as if the viewer might be interested in seeing the whole field. Not so with tennis - we get nice, close up shots of the players after each play, which thankfully lasts only a few seconds. The perfect sport for the ADD patient within.


Danielle Mari said...

May I humbly suggest beach volleyball?

NICKI said...

Ah, also a worthy sport!