Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Direction

I'm going back to my roots, Constant Readers.  This blog began as a means to discuss my awesomeness and occasional struggles with weight loss.  It slowly moved away from that as I lost interest in writing about losing weight.  Incidentally, I also lost interest in losing weight.  Let's face it, folks.  It ain't fun.  It ain't easy.  And it is a tad discouraging.  I had weeks of extreme planning, for every little morsel that entered my mouth, and for every expended sweaty calorie.  At the ends of those weeks, I managed weight loss - even up to a pound or three.  And the next week, I'd try to do it all again.  That second week might have a slip or two - maybe a glass of wine or a chocolate chip cookie.  Perhaps I would miss a workout.  And the result?  Not only a significant decrease in my losses, but sometimes a freaking gain!

What is the point?  If I have to be that rigorous every week for weeks and weeks and weeks, it simply isn't worth it.  It's not like my self esteem revolves around my waistline, after all.  I'm perfectly happy sipping suds poolside in my non-two piece suit.  I'm not looking for a modeling deal or a movie star boyfriend.  I don't need to replace my wardrobe with items itsy bisty or teeny weeny.

On the other hand...
I want to be healthy.  I want to be able to take the stairs, if I so desire.  I remember how good it felt to eat well and to get the most from this less than perfect body.  It was nice to fit into smaller clothes, and to know that the image in the mirror was the best me I could be.  I never felt bloated or crampy or just plain "blah" when I was watching what I ate.  I felt good.

But how to perform this juggling act?  To maintain some interest in the plan, indeed, to have fun with the plan?  Well, here's the plan:  I'm going to try some healthy diet and exercise plans for one month at a time, and report to you, Constant Readers, on my successes and frustrations.

But where oh when will I relate my zany exploits?  I am thinking they may slide through now and again, much to the chagrin of those among us with attention spans longer than a gnat's.  I just can't help it.  Case in point?  When exiting the gym today I noticed a yoga mat that appeared to be left by its owner, and I stopped at the front desk to tell someone.  There were free fruit snacks at the desk - real dried fruit covered in yogurt - and I began searching through the flavors, and forgot to tell them about the mat.

So if you are missing your yoga mat, it is in locker #53.

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