Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 17 - The Right Stuff

Question: How many days of unemployment does it take to bore me to tears?
Answer: 17.

My Day:
1. I found out that the New Kids on the Block - that's NKOTB to you - are touring.
I would have been totally interested in this at ages 10 through 10.5. Now I just think it is sad. This did not stop me from checking out the web site, where I learned that "the rumors are actually true. The Right Stuff" really is -- at long last -- returning to your block."

2. I made about 15 "Top Five" lists on Facebook, including: Books, Albums of All Time, Movies I have seen so many times I could quote them, Best Beers, TV Shows, and TV Shows Growing Up.

3. I checked out a site called "City Chase" which is where teams of 2 can register ala "The Amazing Race" and compete through certain US Cities. For those who haven't seen "The Amazing Race" on TV: teams of two have to travel all over the world on a massive treasure hunt, where they pick up clues and meet milestones along the way. This sounds very fun, but alas, Baltimore is not a featured city. I could do Philly or NYC, but I imagine being a native of the town (or at least a resident) is helpful - also, I am fairly certain I would fight with my teammate since the only time Adam & I ever fight is when we are attempting to navigate ourselves to a new destination.

4. I spent approximately 4 hours looking at potential houses. This is quick becoming an obsession for Adam & I...in between searches:
  • belatedly giving my asthmatic cat her pill - this while she proceeds to breathe like a zombie and hack disgustingly. Think Wizard of Oz head, only more pathetic;
  • forcing down icky "curried waldorf salad" which is part of Hippie Diet. I figured I would be a trooper and try the tofu-laden recipe since I have enjoyed many of the other wacko foods. All I can say is, "Why? would anyone eat this?" Luckily, tomorrow's lunch recipe looks ok - some sort of egg salad on spinach;
  • the Towson University newspaper crossword and sudoku;
  • perusing the gym class schedule...but opting for the crossword...

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Jamie said...

perhaps you should take back what you said about NTOKB. I went to the concert. It was excellent.